Birth Wrap classes

Birth Wrap classes explore how to achieve as much normality as possible for all types of birth regardless of how your gorgeous baby is born.

The aim of classes is to provide a safe, realistic approach for pregnancy and birth, putting women and families centre stage and integrating a holistic approach to your wishes for birth and beyond.

As a practising midwife Jenny will share her knowledge of hospital and home birthing environments and maternity guidelines.

Birth wrap classes start from 30 weeks of pregnancy and comprise of 6 sessions of 2 hours each.

November class now available

Session dates and times for groups are now available for expectant parents with babies due within a few weeks of each other. All sessions will be from 7pm to 9pm.

2nd November - Session 1: Birth Opening I
9th November - Session 2: Birth Opening II
16th November - Session 3: Birth Rehearsal
23rd November - Session 4: Pink Bubble I
30th November - Session 5: Pink Bubble II
TBA - Session 6: Birth Family (4-6 weeks after babies have arrived)

Sessions will be held at The Clergy Office, Saint Mary's Church, Putney Bridge Approach, London SW15 2JQ

Pricing & booking

The Birth Wrap classes are available to women and their birth partners as either small group sessions or as individual 1-2-1 sessions in your home.

Pricing is for the entire series of 6 sessions and includes VAT:

£300 for group sessions
£400 for 1-2-1 sessions in your home

Please email Jenny at to book a group or home 1-2-1 class.

Your class booking will also include a free copy of Jenny's book Your Body Your Baby Your Birth.


Session one: Birth Opening I

This first class will cover the process of birth, stages of labour and “comfortable” birthing techniques including birth positions and visualisations.

The class includes:
Your body, your baby and the process of birth
Ways of riding the waves of labour
Breathing, relaxation, visualizations, massage
Place of birth home, birth centre, hospital
Natural pain relief
Water for labour and birth
Practical coping skills

Session two: Birth Opening II

This class will cover all types of births and prepare you to expect the unexpected in case your journey is not straightforward. Pain relief methods will be discussed and what to expect from the professional family (those who care for you in the birthing space).

The class includes:
More complicated labour and birth
What to expect on labour wards
Different types of birth
Medical pain relief

Session three: Birth Rehearsal

This is an exciting class in which you rehearse for the birth. It does not mean that your baby comes out and put back in again, but it is the nearest you get to the real birth.

The class includes:
Discussing your utopia birth plan
Creating your birth surroundings
Practising birth positions and breathing
Birth partner coaching and support

Sessions four and five: Pink Bubble I & II

These classes prepare you for meeting your gorgeous baby and the “pink bubble” which means that you focus on the special moments with your baby and let go of the unnecessary aspects of life.

Practical and psychological advice is offered on how to care for yourself and baby following birth. Discussions will take place on ways to embrace your baby into the rich tapestry of your life.

These classes include:
The first moments meeting your baby
The value of skin to skin
Early days looking after yourself and baby
Breastfeeding support and help if formula feeding

Session six: Birth Family

This final session gives an opportunity for the mothers and birth partners and gorgeous babies to meet and reflect on their birth experiences.

It will also give everyone an opoortunity for support and discussion in the early months followng birth.

This class will be held around four to six weeks after the last baby has arrived.


Additional 1-2-1 antenatal or postnatal educational support sessions are available at £50ph by request.

Please email Jenny at and include a contact number she can reach you at.