Jentle Childbirth Foundation films

Jenny founded The Jentle Childbirth Foundation (JCF) in 2008. JCF believes that pregnancy & childbirth should be a positive & personal experience - we nurture this through education, training and research.

The aim is to promote normality & comfort in childbirth to all women regardless of medical/obstetric health.

JCF believes that in future, all NHS maternity units should adopt a new approach to 'maternity architecture' whereby infrastructure and buildings are changed to provide more comfortable environments for both the family and the 'professional family' who care for them.

JCF has produced 3 family centred films to provide educational support for women and their partners in the planning of their births.

Holistic Birth

This film shows two women who are experiencing normal pregnancy and are planning to have a water birth which they both go on to do - one woman is shown having a water birth on the film.

During the film the women discuss what techniques are helpful for labour and birth.

VBAC Birth

This film follows the pregnancy and birth journeys of three women who discuss their thoughts and feelings about a Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) birth.

Each woman has a different birth - one normal birth, one ventouse birth and one woman who has a second caesarean birth.

The Natural Caesarean: a woman centred technique

Our amazingly popular film which has challenged perceptions of caesarean section globally.

It shows how to make a caesarean as natural as possible putting parents centre stage in watching their little baby slowly wriggling out and having immediate skin to skin contact in the operating theatre.